Randall Barber Transport Ltd.

Steel and General Haulage

Our Services

Primarily we are steel hauliers, carrying steel coil, slit coil, plate, sheet, blanks, and rolled sections.

Steel plate on a flat trailer, all trailers carry a full set of timbers to load on to.

Steel sheet on pallets loaded onto an opening roof curtainsided trailer

Slit coil loaded in the coilwell, leaning.

Slit coil in the coilwell, upright. We can modify our loading procedures to customer requirements

Slit coil loaded flat on timbers

Steel blanks

Steel coil on pallets


Wide coil in coilwell


We can also move machinery, such as this leveller. All goods are fully insured, we will assess the risks involved in loading, unloading and securing the machinery, and can provide method statements if required.