Randall Barber Transport Ltd.

Steel and General Haulage

About Us (a bit of history)

Randall Barber Transport first came about in 1976 when the owner, Randall Barber, started to operate on his own after several years working for many different transport companies. Starting off with a Seddon Atkinson, ,Randall worked as a sub-contractor initially for Priestner Transport & Storage of Carrington, Manchester before joining forces with other owner drivers under the “Euro Bulk” name pulling tanks across the UK and Europe for Reliance Tankers of Altrincham, Cheshire

However things soon became risky working overseas and prices began to drop due to the recession of the late 1970’s and early 80’s leaving Randall no choice but to come back to the UK and work nationally. This lead to the shared use of land in Old Trafford near the cricket ground, which would soon become the first home of Randall Barber Transport. This was an ideal location as the Manchester docks were still working, although work was still thin on the ground.

In the early1980’s Randall was contacted by a local steel firm, B&D Steel and was asked to move steel sheet and coil for them. A new truck was bought in the form of a Volvo F12 in 1982, which was also followed by a new York Tri-Axle trailer in 1983, allowing for heavier loads to be carried. Over the next decade, a new depot was located in Altrincham on Davenport Road, (where Altrincham Retail Park now stands) whilst the fleet numbers kept on increasing. In the early 1990’s the fleet numbered four trucks, all of which were Volvo F10’s, until the release of the FH which tempted Randall Barber to change over to the Scania 3 series, seeing as they were lighter than the new Volvo FH and cheaper to maintain.

At the end of the 1990’s recession the fleet expanded again but this time to seven vehicles, as well as moving from Davenport Road to Craven Road. The company also changed to a limited company meaning the business was now seen as Randall Barber Transport Limited. This change also brought along the retirement of Randall Barber from driving duties, to being a full time Transport Manager and director, alongside his closest family. A move back to Volvo in 1997 sees the current fleet stand at eight articulated trucks, all of which are made by Volvo. The company currently has 12 trailers which range from Slidaflex, Tautliner and flats, all with Coil Wells making it easier and safer to carry steel products as well as other general haulage goods.


Loading coils in 1983 on our first Volvo, an F12-17 later designated as an F12-20 when the maximum GTW rose to 38 tonnes.


These were publicity pictures taken by York Trailers. This trailer was the first tri-axle coilcarrier  built with a full set of lightweight twistlocks. The trailer was manufactured in their Northallerton factory in 1983.